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Investment in the Algarve

Investment in the Algarve!
For those seeking a reliable property investment, the Algarve is hard to beat. With Europe's sunniest climate its constant asset, the region remains ever-popular for holidaymakers and second-home owners! As Europe's finest golf destination, with a golfing season over the gentle winter months to offset the summer peak, the Algarve offers a rare, year-round appeal. A host of regular flights from the UK, Ireland and all over Europe ensure a constant flow of visitors who enjoy its golden beaches, its excellent leisure pursuits, its friendly people, its uncluttered and healthy environment!

With a thriving, well-blended international expatriate society, the Algarve is also the third most popular destination among older Britons seeking a retirement home abroad. As a well-established destination with a marked emphasis on quality development, the Algarve offers a solid bet for investors. With numerous high-quality new resorts now coming on-stream, plus huge investments in tourism and infrastructure, the country's property market is still well-positioned to build on this success!

At the end of last year the Portuguese passed a law that will enable investors from non-EU countries to gain residency if they either transfer 1 million Euros or more into capital in Portugal, form a business that creates a minimum of 30 jobs, or purchase a property to the value of a €500,000 or more.

This "Golden Passport/Visa", will allow non-EU citizens to receive a Portugal visa, permitting them to enter and stay in Portugal assuming at least one form of investment is undertaken for a minimum period of five years. The holders of Golden Residence Permit for Investment Activity have the right to family regrouping, and may be able to apply for permanent residence or Portuguese citizenship.

Since the late 60’s the Algarve region in the south of Portugal has been a favourite choice as a retirement location for people from all over Europe. Many people just view the Algarve as a destination, where you can play endless games of golf, stroll on beaches or relax in a beach restaurant enjoying a glass of wine. Yes, the Algarve is all of that, but there’s so much more on offer:

- Portuguese strict planning permission ensures the preservation of many areas in the Algarve.
  That this Portuguese policy assists in maintaining the natural beauty of areas; limits the availability
  of new properties on offer in the property market, and keeps property values higher
  than in many other areas in Europe making your investment safer?
- Portugal is one of the most politically stable countries in the south of Europe with no threat of terrorism!
- If you plan your investment correctly you can benefit from the use of rental revenue during the summer months
  and live in your property yourself during the remaining of the year?
- Anyone can be in the Algarve within a 3-hour flight from most locations in Europe? Making it a perfect choice
  for breakaways, holidays or short-term stays. The Algarve is a close destination, easy to reach
  and affordable for more and more people?
- Portugal has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe?
- It is still possible to enjoy a 3-course meal for €10/£7?
- The utility costs (gas, water and electric) together with public transport are much cheaper than anywhere else in Europe.
  Utilities are relatively cheap compared to most other European countries.
- Unlike property prices in the UK and Ireland, prices of property in the Algarve are still affordable, enabling you to get
  property equity when you downsize or sell.
- Public transport is good and effective and that reduces your need for a car or other form of transport. Public transport
  by road or rail is frequent, safe and very affordable for those not wanting to drive.
- If you prefer driving, then the roads and highways are easy to navigate
  and the roads are incredibly un-congested – even in summer!

There are so many reasons why the Algarve is a good place to come.
Invest now- it's worth it! We from PORTUGAL SERVICE, LDA will help you to find the right property! Please contact us.

Energetic Certification

All properties for selling are now required to have an Energy Certificate!

Golden Visa

Golden residence permit for investment activity!

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